Affiliate Marketing Reviews

Affiliate Marketing Reviews

How To Work From Home

Creating an online business is a huge learning curve, and although I am fairly ‘computer-savvy’ myself, I have felt overwhelmed a number of times by the overload of new information.

This is why I decided to create this review website to share my ‘work from home’ experiences with others.


One thing I have noticed, is that whilst researching various online training programs and tools, I actually found genuine reviews to be few and far between.

A lot of reviews appear to be written by people that have not used the product or really know nothing about it. The review was written simply so they could advertise the product.

Now there’s nothing wrong with writing a review without purchasing a product, as long as you can give value to your reader/viewer by doing plenty of research on it first, so you can give a well-rounded opinion. This is what I found lacking in a lot of reviews.


Also, generally, advertising for the programs/tools tend to have videos with long lists of ‘bank statements’ showing huge amounts of earnings.

Image result for private jets

There’s usually shots of fast cars, private jets, ritzy hotels etc. etc. etc. ………Image result for guys with expensive cars
……. and although I’m not saying that the earnings aren’t genuine, it’s not often that someone starts earning huge amounts within the first few weeks. It can be done, though.

Even though the product/tool/experience that is being promoted will most often be hyped-up by advertising, it may still be what you’re looking for. Look past the hype and see whether the actual program will benefit you or not.


Image result for work from homeOnline marketing is a business. With any business you need to persevere and work at it to build a solid foundation. It’s also something you can be doing while you’re still at your current job.

You can work from home in your ‘spare’ time and start getting your online business up and running. Then, once the money starts flowing in, you can confidently leave your ‘day-job’ and be running your own successful business.


Obviously there are many ways to earn online, so do your research and decide how you want to go about it.

You can promote other peoples products – such as with affiliate marketing, drop-shipping, or an eCommerce store. You can promote your own products. Or you can do both.

Decide which way you want to go, then get started.

Click on the link below to see the different types of Affiliate Programs:


Building your business takes time … and this is also where most people give up.
If you want to work from home and have your own online affiliate business, the basic steps you need to take are:

  • Know your goals;Image result for colourful steps
  • Know your niche;
  • Become an affiliate with Clickbank, Amazon, eBay and whatever else you choose;
  • Find places to promote your offers – social media, forums, YouTube, solo ads etc;
  • Start promoting offers;
  • Persevere.


payoneerI live in Australia, and a lot of commissions are earned in U.S. dollars. So for simplicity’s sake, I have chosen to open a bank account with Payoneer. It’s been an excellent decision.
My commissions go into my Payoneer account and I can withdraw them anytime into my Australian account (min $50 withdrawal).

You will also be rewarded with a nice little bonus of $25 when you sign up.

Open Your Own PAYONEER Account Here


There’s an excellent video (audio only) called The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale, and it is well worth watching on a regular basis for motivation and encouragement.

Earl Nightingale said:
“Who succeeds? The only man who succeeds is the man who is progressively realizing a worthy idea. He’s the man who says, I’m going to become this and then begins to work toward that goal.”

You can also download a free pdf of the The Strangest Secret here: The Strangest Secret

Even if only a short amount of time daily is spent on your online business each day, you WILL eventually be able to work from home, and have an excellent lifestyle for you and your family.

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